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We're, by design, a small company. That allows us to keep our content quality high and as up to date as possible. It also allows us to take extreme pride and ownership of each one of our students. With that focus comes pretty fantastic reviews. Take a look for yourself.

It's a top to bottom course on React that teaches you everything you need to know to build and deploy a professional React app. Nothing is left out, no little gotchas that are actually huge topics you need to master. This course covers everything from the absolute basics of React to professional, real world patterns. I've deployed two of my own apps so far with the knowledge I've gained here and am working on three+ more as I type this. Tyler's methods and style are second to none. Not only is it apparent that he knows the content fluently, but he's able to get the concepts across to students in a way that's clear, concise, and non-repetitive. Furthermore, you can tell from his coding style that the example projects are how he actually builds things himself in production, not some "student way", which is key if you are learning React with this course to put to use at a job etc right away. Highly recommended and wish I had found this sooner. I am hoping to take some more of the courses offered here.

A strongly, gifted teacher able to translate complicated concepts and enable people, like myself, to absorb them quite easily. 15/10 rating!

TylerMcGinnis's React Fundamentals course was extremely high quality and you get waaaaay more than what you pay for. The videos go deep into the usage and implementation of React, the React eco-system, and the work-along project sufficiently covers most aspects of the front end web development. I would recommend this course to those just past the JavaScript beginner stage as well as for experienced JavaScript Engineers who want to learn more about React.

This course is incredible. Tyler's teaching style is direct, clear, and easy-to-follow. I highly recommend these courses to anyone looking to learn how to build apps with ReactJS.

I have grown in my career for 40 years developing web pages inside my companies for all kinds of things. My son, and a close friend both independently told me that I should get rid of perl and start using React. Buying and taking your course was the most enlightening thing I have done since my first web search 40 years ago, when nobody even knew what the web was. Your presentation and and examples were perfect for me and I have developed several apps already. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn react web development. Very well done !

This is by far the best structured online course I've taken. I take many courses on many different websites, 99% of them paid, and they are mostly good. This one is different, as it gave me a pro-level understanding of Redux. Redux is typically a difficult subject to grasp, and I have to confess that before Mr. McGinnis' course I've never really understood Redux. I have done two other courses on Redux before, I knew how to operate it but it was always uncomfortable. Mr. McGinnis' course brought me a level of comfort with Redux that is worth a lot more than $20. Mr. McGinnis - thank you so much for this experience. I can only imagine the huge amount of time needed to build this course, I'm really grateful and humbled that someone as experienced as you took the time. You're a hero, sir.

Outstanding intro to the basics of React. I teach web dev part time, and I know how difficult it can be give students a solid overview of a subject without completely overwhelming them with details. This course strikes that balance perfectly by walking you through a practical React app and pointing out relevant details along the way. Great course!

It's rare to find a gem like this among a throng of React tutorials available on the web. It's clear, it's neat and it's well thought out. Tyler takes you on a ride and there is not one second that you feel left out. You get this sense of making progress and as you code along, you see the results of what you just learned. I can't recommend it enough!

Tyler's courses are one of a kind. The Modern Javascript course was very detailed. The perfect mix of theory and hands-on training.

Highly recommended. Fantastic. 10/10. Awesome. Love. Can't see how it could be better. So glad I stumbled upon this course.

This is the best React fundamentals course on any planet. Period.

If React seems like Michelangelo's David waiting to be carved out of a cube of rock to you, then this course (and I'm sure all the other courses as well) equips you with the knowledge and perseverance required to take on that challenge, and to take on your own Sistine Chapel of a React project sooner rather than later.

This is one of the best online programming language courses I've ever done. Tyler was great and explained clearly where gotchas might come up. Also the app was fun to build and kept me engaged! Totally worth the time.

By far the most engaging, in-depth and well thought out React course. This is an university-quality undertaking and I sincerely appreciate the time, effort and passion gone into sharing knowledge for the betterment of the dev community.

This is hands down the best introduction to React on the web. It was 100% worth the money!!

By far the best resource to learn the React ecosystem. Everything was explained beautifully.

I've tried courses everywhere but only Tyler's made it click for me. I built and deployed my first React App. The use of Webpack and walking through the React environment was fantastic. The quizzes were well timed and the different learning methods were just icing on the cake. Easily the best React course out there.

I have used a lot of different methods for aiding my professional development (such as pluralsight, learnnowonline, ms virtual academy, ...) with some great courses/presenters, but this was by far the best course I have ever completed. The concepts and explanations are very easy to grasp even for someone like myself who is coming from a server-side/system background.

Tyler's instruction is top notch! I have been struggling with React, and have taken several courses. Tyler's React Fundamentals course blows them all out of the water. It is exceptionally thorough and the information is conveyed very well. I genuinely feel that I have gained so much value from this course

After taking 4 different React courses, this was the course that made the biggest impact on my learning and retention with the React ecosystem. I've never felt more confident coming out of a course about the related material, and I was actually able to build my own Webpack config from scratch after this. The hands on approach, Quiz questions, and taking the time to pause the video after his instructions to attempt to 'build ahead' allowed me to test my knowledge and face real problems, and then find real solutions to them. Seriously amazing course, thank you Tyler, I'll be looking into your other courses now.

The ability of Tyler's to explain things clearly, simply and thoroughly is really unmatched. The idea to build a redux clone from scratch to make students understand what's going on under the hood is pure genius.

I'm new to web development and I found React, Webpack, and deployment to be incredibly intimidating. This course was amazingly easy to follow, completely holistic for in it's approach to what a developer needs to know, and modularized in such a way that I was never overwhelmed. Code-along tutorials are usually hard for me to keep up with and often lead to long derailments for trouble-shooting. This tutorial was so smooth: I loved it! Many, many thanks for this. I'm so excited to use what I learned for future projects.

Tyler's course not only teaches you how to use React and Redux but he takes the time to walk you through the internals of these tools, building them from scratch yourself. This alone is worth the price of his courses. You gain a complete understanding of what is happening "behind the scenes" of your React apps. I couldn't recommend this course more. It's a necessity when learning React and Redux.

Tyler's course is easily the best I could find for those brand new to React- like me! The fact that he assumes almost no prior knowledge of the React environment truly distinguishes this course from most other online resources. If you're just getting started with React and are looking for hands-on, high-quality instruction, look no further.

This is the **best** course. Very thorough overview of React and all of its moving pieces. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in diving into React.

This is the best way to learn. During the training videos, he answers questions as I think of them! It's like he's reading your mind as you watch and code along.

Tyler's course on React was extremely helpful to me as it was very to the point and at the same time in depth. I'll be back for more courses for sure. He has the best explanation of "this", "apply", "call", and "bind" out there.

I've dabbled in a lot of frameworks, and this was by far the best intro course I've ever done. Not only do you go through how to do everything you'd need to build a basic React app, but why each feature is useful and what it should be used for. It doesn't make any huge workflow sacrifices for sake of a simple explanation (leaving out Webpack, for example), but rather takes the time to explain why each step is necessary.

This course was absolutely incredible. I just started doing front end at my job which uses ReactJS and this course came out at the perfect time for me. Almost everything I learned in this course was transferable to the workplace and I was quickly up to speed pushing live React code alongside all the other front end devs. Tyler is an amazing teacher!

Tyler takes a rare, but awesome, "I don't assume you know anything" approach to teaching this course. Sometimes, even with a lot of coding experience, taking courses while learning a new language/framework can be frustrating because the authors assume you know some things (like what NPM is or how Webpack and Babel work). Tyler explains those things (very well) without making the viewer seem like an idiot. Incredibly thorough course clearly made with intention and planning. Kudos, Tyler!

This is one of the best courses that I have found on the internet, not only for React but as a programming course in general. It is very well structured and I noticed that whenever a question would pop up in my mind, Tyler would address it within a minute in the video. So it is clear that he has quite some experience teaching this subject and is aware of the unclarities that a new-comer to React might have.

React Fundamentals was one of the most comprehensive, easy-to-follow courses I found on the internet. I jumped from course to course on React, but this was by far the best I found

Methodical, clear and focused. Tyler goes the extra mile to provide you with a deep understanding of exactly what you’re working with. I never once felt like I was required to ‘parrot’ information to remember it The lessons aren’t contrived - I was working on real world situations from the get go and learning opportunities emerged naturally - clearly explaining the issue and how it’s solved. If I’m learning anything React, Tyler’s course is the first place I go. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

I haven't seen anyone do what Tyler has done in terms of understanding the pains I'm going through and not only talking in terms I can understand but designing a course that mixes different mediums like text, video, personal project and outside reading.

This is by far the most comprehensive, well-rounded, and in-depth tutorial for React. It's a must have for any developers looking to explore the new realm of component based development. offers the most comprehensive React courses on the planet. The React Fundamentals course has helped my React, JavaScript and overall development skills grow quickly and profoundly in just a few days. Still, after completing this course, I continually reiterate over the material and always feel like a better developer because of it. Definitely the best resource out there!

I think that perfection doesn't exist, but this course is close to that! If you wan't to learn ReactJS, this is the right way to start!

This is without a doubt the best React tutorial that I have seen. In addition to the basics covered by almost all tutorials, it includes important ancillary features like routing, as well as covering real world practices such as the container/presentational component pattern, and using axios for async calls, gives the viewer insight to how React is actually used by developers. Finally, the intro to webpack shows you how to get it all actually up and running with a local dev server. The tutorial was very well organized, excellently explained, and intelligent in the features that it included.

Tyler has produced one of the best tutorials for any language or framework I've seen. There is finally a Laracasts for React!

This is by far the best intro course to ReactJS out there. Tyler has clearly put in a lot of work to make this course meaningful. If you're curious about React, or if you've finished other intro courses and come away more confused than when you started, this is pure gold. Absolutely take the time to go through building the app with Tyler and you'll be 100% more comfortable with React.

Tyler knows his stuff, more importantly, he cares. He conceived this React Fundamentals course in the most thoughtful manner. His style of instruction is a breath of fresh air for me giving all the courses I have taken on Udemy, Udacity, Lynda, and Codecademy.

This is not only the best React course I have seen, but one of the best laid out courses I've ever taken. It's a perfect mix of explanation, example, practice and project work all moving at a great pace. Highly recommend!

Subscribing to took me from fuddling around in the endless amounts of resources, trying to find my footing, to breaking off and confidently building my first few React applications with Redux. Stop reading and start doing with Tyler, you won't regret it.

I've struggled to understand React for a long time, and this was the first course that gave me the 'aha!' moment, where I not only understood what I was doing, but also why I was doing it. I really recommend this for anyone looking to learn React.

Tyler not only explains ES6's new features but offers a a methodical approach to learning them. Hands down, the best way to learn ES6.

I've already taken dozens of on-line courses, in a huge variety of formats. But the way that Tyler guide this course is really impressive. I was able to jump from beginner to experienced in React much more faster then I ever thought that would be possible. This course really worth the effort and money invested.

I cannot recommend React Fundamentals enough. I played around with so many other tutorials and tried my hand at teaching myself, none of which worked. Tyler does a fantastic job of making it clear what is happening and really breaking things down. It is a great feeling when it all finally clicks. React has made me reconsider the entire way I develop and that is all thanks to this course. Thank you so much!

I went through the Fundamentals course in about a week, and I can honestly say it's been the most clear, concise, to-the-point course I've ever done. I feel that everyday I've been excited to resuming where I left because, after every lesson, I had gained significant knowledge and usefulness of React.

I thought I knew React pretty well until I did the fundamentals course. It's the best resource I've come across to learn how to use React and use it efficiently and effectively. I've learned some new tricks but more importantly, I've learned to think in React. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to learn React. Tyler does an amazing job at presenting and demonstrating how to solve real problems while building real applications.

I found this course incredibly good. The instructor makes sure anyone can understands what's going on, not assuming you have a strong background. I am really thankful that there's someone willing to spend all this time in putting this together and sharing their knowledge with randoms. I am sure Tyler is a great programmer but he is also a great teacher.

As someone with a background in instruction and instructional design, I immediately recognized Tyler's course as a cut above the glut of "learn React" content, currently available. His material is well organized, the concepts build in an intuitive way, and the instruction is clearly-articulated, easy to follow, and blessedly free of annoying misdirects and content-padding that bog down other online courses.

Loved the course. Tyler is an awesome teacher. I had been putting off on touching the React Ecosystem for almost a year now. Taking Tyler's course helped me overcome that fear. Trust me, taking this course will probably change your life. Not joking.

This is the best React course I have taken so far. Tyler does an incredible job teaching everything about React as a starter. There is ton of information he takes into stages and defuses it into details with clarity. Anyone who is thinking of learning React should first dive into Tyler's ReactJS Fundamentals before considering other resources online.

After taking a few courses from Tyler, I went ahead with the Redux course without any second thought, and man it was totally worth my time. Right now I feel like a react-redux ninja :) As you go through the course, you realize how much effort and passion Tyler has put into creating it for us. Thanks a ton Tyler.

I have spent the past 6 months or so banging my head against my desk trying to level up on my JS/Web App skills and this course was nothing but 'Aha!!' moments. I strongly recommend putting in the time and keep revisiting items you might not understand that Tyler brings up because they will eventually make sense. I can't wait to start kicking work in it's butt!

Definitely one of my favorite courses that I have found online for any language or framework. The pacing is great, the text is written coherently, and the videos are well done. When I finished the course, I had a good solid understanding of how React works and how to build my own projects using these methodologies. The course took me a little less than 2 days to finish and I would highly recommend it!

With any new framework, there is always the never ending question of "where do I start?". To add insult to injury, you feel even less comfortable with forking your own money (or your work's money) to a learning course when you are unsure if you can truly benefit from it. I have read the entire React documentation, spent countless hours looking for new React resources, and even spent money on React courses elsewhere. Still, I felt as I haven't found the "golden standard", that is until I learned about Tyler McGinnis during one of my 20+ hour research binges and his ultimate goal to not only build and deliver yet another "React course", but a "best in class" product that undoubtedly provides you with the resources any React developer is looking for. I am going to stop on that note, because I know we can always read a nice testimony. If you are hesitant, buy a month membership and find out for yourself! I know it certainly changed how I view React, and helped teach me to truly grasp the framework!

Out of all the React tutorials and courses I have worked through, this one is easily the best. Tyler explains complex topics in an understandable and digestible way, using multiple learning vectors (text, video, quizzes) to reinforce learning. If the other courses he offers are similar in style and quality, they are worth every penny.

When I started this course, I knew absolutely nothing about React. Fast-forward a few weekends, and I am now confident that I can build a solid React app! Throughout this course, I've learned the basics of setting up a React environment, as well as how to effectively compose UI components; but most of all, it has really solidified my grasp of general JavaScript. I look forward to continuing down the React path!

The best react tutorial on the Internet, by far! Very well structured, 100% accurate and adequately paced. Thank you!

Hands down the best learning resource on React + Modern Js + Redux online. Tyler's teaching style is simply the best. He makes sure you understand fundamentals concepts behind each and every tool/lib used which helps in longer run rather than just simply teaching how to use the tool/lib which is quite excellent.

A lot of courses tend to skip over the foundations leaving you able to play around but not really sure how it actually works. Tyler does an amazing job explaining how all the pieces work from a blank canvas so you can feel confident building your own production-ready apps going forward. He's done an incredible job teaching the fundamentals of ReactJS in a fun, easy-to-follow way!

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