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Taking chances and career acceleration with Max Stoiber


In this episode I chat with Styled Components co-author, Max Stoiber. In a matter of a few years, Max went from dropping out of University (twice) to creating one of the most popular libraries in the React ecosystem.

Progression, Curiosity, and Burnout with Dan Abramov


In this episode I chat with Dan Abramov, an Engineer at Facebook and co-author of Redux. We discuss his upbringing and what it's like learning to program in Russia, the backstory of how Redux came to be, handling burnout, and much more.

Work/Life Balance, Education, and Open Source with Kent C. Dodds


In this episode I chat with Kent C. Dodds, an engineer at PayPal and member of the TC-39 committee about work life balance, education, open source, life as a TC-39 member, and more.