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But for real, we're a small team focused on making the learning resources we wish existed when we were starting out. If you enjoy helping others learn the latest web technologies, we'd love to hear from you.

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Instructor - Free, Online Bootcamp

Education is trending towards free, and we're embracing it. Free, online, live streamed bootcamps are the best way to make learning web technologies as accessible as possible. If you're passionate about teaching and want a platform and a paycheck to teach, reach out. We're specifically interested in the following topics but are open to anything - Advanced React, Testing in React, Advanced JavaScript, JavaScript design patterns, React Native, Node, Vue, ReasonML.

Editor - Newsletter

Every week we aim to create the most fun and informative newsletter in the JavaScript space. If you enjoy staying up to date with current JavaScript events and have the sauce to present them in an entertaining way, reach out.

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