My Gear.


Monitor - The LG UltraFine 5K Display

This monitor gets a lot of hate but I love it. So does Ryan Florence. If you have new macbook, the monitor can act as a hub for everything. One cord from the Macbook to the monitor is all you need.

Herman Miller Executive Classic Aeron Task Chair

You spent $1,200 on a chair? It's a good chair Brant.

Argomax Mesh ergonomic Office Chair

You spent $1,200 on a chair then spent $300 on a chair!? I have two desks in my office. One for normal work and one for screencasts. Two desks means two chairs.

Headphones - Bose QuietComfort 35

These are my daily driver headphones. Great for the home office and travel.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xRD Professional Monitor Headphones

If I want better quality than the QC35s, I use these.

Mechanical Keyboard - Vortexgear Tab 60

Really enjoying this keyboard. It's bluetooth which is why I switched to it over my Pok3r.

Apple Magic Trackpad 2

I use a lot of gestures. Hard to do that with a typical mouse.

Laptop Stand

Nice little laptop stand.


Prevent that doggle mess.

Screencasts, Videos, and Podcast

I use for managing all my courses. If you're wanting to sell courses and don't want to make your own platform, they're the best.

Microphone: Heil PR-40

I use this Mic for all my content. It's pricey but worth every cent.

Tascam US-2x2 USB Audio Interface

You'll need a USB interface to go between your Mic and the computer. I've used a few and this one's simple and effective.

Zoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder

This captures the audio for my Podcast (from two Heil PR-40s) and saves it to a memory card.

DJI Mavik Pro

For those drone shots

Logitech BRIO – Ultra HD Webcam

Best webcam I could find. Also 4k.

Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera

Camera used for headshots and vlogs

128GB for Camera

Self explanatory


I use Screenflow for all of my screencasts. It's great for screencasts. Terrible for anything else.

WD 4TB Black My Passport Portable External Hard Drive

I live in the woods so storing everything in the cloud isn't always realistic. I have two of these that I keep everything backed up on.

Samson MK-10 Microphone Boom Stand

Simple Boom stands for the Podcast

Mic Clamp

Simple mic clamp for the Heil PR-40

Acoustic Panels Studio Foam Wedges

Use lots of these to dampen the echo in my office.


Sublime Text 3

The OG. Maybe it's cause I hate change. All those new fancy editors haven't captured my heart like Sublime Text. Here are my settings

  /* I also use this package - */
  "auto_complete_commit_on_tab": true,
  "color_scheme": "Packages/Oceanic Next Color Scheme/Oceanic Next.tmTheme",
  "draw_white_space": "all",
  "font_face": "Fira Mono",
  "font_size": 20,
  "tab_size": 2,
  "theme": "Brogrammer.sublime-theme",
  "translate_tabs_to_spaces": true,
  "trim_automatic_white_space": true,
  "trim_trailing_white_space_on_save": true

I prefer iTerm2 for my terminal. I've tried others and like sublime, it does the job well.

SublimeText Plugin - SidebarEnhancements

Makes your sidebar actually work well.


Random Stuff

Smart Scale

Why wouldn't you want a smart scale?

SmartBidet SB-1000

Don't knock it till' you try it. This is hands down my favorite purchase of the last few years.

Oakley Mod3 Mips

I probably did too much research before I bought this. MIPS or bust.

Zen Bamboo Ultra Plush Gel Pillow

The React.js of pillows

JNH Lifestyles NO EMF Infrared Sauna

Did you know you can buy a Sauna off of Amazon? Well you can and this one is pretty great.

Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack

I wanted a backpack big enough to where I didn't have to bring a suitcase when I travel. This one does it.