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When learning Redux, you need to learn it in the context of an app big enough to see the benefits. That's why this course is huge. A better name might be 'Real World Redux. If you're sick of "todo list" Redux tutorials, you've come to the right place. In this course we'll talk all about what makes Redux special for managing state in your application. We'll build an actual "real world" application so you can see how Redux handles edge cases like optimistic updates and error handling. We'll also cover many other technologies that work well with Redux, Firebase, and CSS Modules.


You'll be tempted to jump straight into Redux when you first start using React. Don't do this. If you're already familiar with React and modern JavaScript (ES2015+), this course is perfect for you. If not, this may not be the right starting point for you. Check out our React Fundamentals course and our Modern JavaScript course which will be a better fit.
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What you'll learn

  • Advanced React

    Component Based Architecture
  • Redux

    Architectural Patterns
    Normalizing data structures
    Handling Asynchronous Events
    Server Communication
    Optimistic Updates
    Error Handling
    Redux with React
  • Firebase

    Data Persistance
    Denormalizing data structures
    Real time updates
    Designing for real time
  • React Router

  • React Router Redux

  • CSS Modules

  • Advanced Webpack

  • Hot Module Replacement

  • Time Travel Debugging

  • ESLint

  • Building for Production

Who is this course for?

  • Developers who are comfortable with React and are curious about what benefits Redux will give them.
  • Developers who have been trying to learn Redux but are frustrated with the current ecosystem of learning resources.
  • Front end developers wanting to modernize their skillset in order to get a raise or apply for another job.
  • Mid to Sr level developers who are confident in their ability to learn quickly and want the quickest approach to learning Redux for production.
  • Jr developers who are comfortable with JavaScript and React and want to better contribute to their Redux apps at work.
  • Developers who are interested in properly integrating a persistent data layer like Firebase into their current Redux applications
  • Developers who want a real world approach to learning Redux rather than simple todo apps.
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Course Outline

  • Introduction

    Welcome to the Redux course
    Redux Course Introduction
  • Ecosystem Overview

    The React/Redux Ecosystem
    The React/Redux Ecosystem
  • Firebase Schema

    Denormalizing your Data Store for Firebase
    Firebase Schema
    Firebase Schema
  • Redux Schema

    Normalzing your Data Store for Redux
    Redux Schema
    Redux Schema
  • Redux Introduction

    Redux 101
    Redux 101
  • Representing Actions with POJOS

    Guide to Actions in Redux
    Redux Actions
    Redux Actions
  • Transforming State with Reducers

    Benefit of Reducers in Redux
    Part 1: Transforming State with Reducers
    Part 2: Transforming State with Reducers
    Transforming State with Reducers
  • Up and Running with React

    Up and Running with React and Redux
  • Adding React Router

    Adding React Router to your Redux Project
  • Improving your Developer Experience

    Production Builds with React and Redux
    Improving your Developer Experience with Redux
    Improving your Developer Experience with Redux
  • Home Route

    CSS Modules with React and Redux
    Home Route
  • Authentication Mocks

    Authentication Mocks
  • Connecting our First Component with Redux and React

    Redux Tutorial: createStore
    Redux Tutorial: Connect: dispatch, mapStateToProps, mapDispatchToProps, bindActionCreators
    Connecting our first React Component to Redux
    Connecting our first React Component to Redux
  • Asynchronous actions with Redux Thunks

    Redux Thunks Tutorial
    Redux Thunks
    Redux Thunks
  • Route Protection

    Protecting routes with React Router and Redux Tutorial
    Route Protection with React Router
    Route Protection with React Router
  • Authentication with Firebase

    Firebase Auth with Redux and React Tutorial
    Auth with Firebase
  • Developer Tooling with Redux

    Developer Tooling with Redux
  • Duck Modal

    Combining Reducers with combineReducers in Redux Tutorial
    combineReducers in Redux
    combineReducers in Redux
  • Persisting Ducks

    Saving data to Firebase in Redux Tutorial
    Saving data to Firebase in Redux
  • Listeners Module

    Redux Listeners Module
  • New Ducks Listener

    Firebase Listener
  • Better Redux Architecting

    Architecting a Redux React App
  • Merging Normalized Data

    Managing Normalized Data in Redux and Firebase
  • Duck UI

    Duck UI
  • Fetching Initial Data

    Fetching Initial Date with Redux and Firebase in React
  • Profile UI

    Profile UI
  • Duck Details UI

    Duck Details UI
  • Creating Replies

    Creating Replies in Redux
  • Replies List

    Lists in Redux
  • URL State in Redux

    React Router Redux Tutorial
    URL State in Redux
    URL State in Redux
  • Next Steps

    Next Steps - The best courses I've ever seen.

Taras Protchenko
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