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  • 454 Minutes
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The description is simple, learn to build a production ready iOS and Android React Native app that you'll submit to both the App Store as well as the Google Play store. With over seven hours of video, 9,500 words of text, and curriculum to work through yourself, this is the most in depth React Native course ever built.


Though this course focuses on React Native, you'll want to be familiar with React and ES2015+ before starting. If you're not, I recommend our React Fundamentals, Modern JavaScript, and Redux courses. If you're a developer with loads of experience without those pre-reqs, you'll probably be fine, though you may have to do some extra research along the way.
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What you'll learn

  • React Native API

    Touchable Components
    Footer Tabs (iOS)
    Drawer Tabs (Android)
    Infinite Scrolling
    Pull to Refresh
    + More
  • Authentication

  • Facebook SDK

  • Web vs Native UI

  • Animations in React Native

  • Redux

  • Ajax requests with fetch

  • Firebase

  • Styling in React Native

  • Remote Redux Devtools

  • Platform Specific Styles and Layout

  • Debugging in React Native

  • Submitting to the App Store

  • Flexbox

  • Routing with Navigator

Who is this course for?

  • Developers who are experienced with React and want to use that knowledge to build native iOS or Android applications.
  • Mid-Sr native developers who want a more declarative approach to building UIs and are willing to research some fundamental details about React or JavaScript they may be missing.
  • React developers who want the smoothest road possible in adding the additional knowledge they need to build a native app.
  • Developers who know React or have taken our React fundamentals course and want to learn how to build native iOS and Android applications.
  • React developers who are frustrated with the current resources for learning React Native and want a more complete resource.
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Course Outline

  • Introduction to the React Native Course

    Welcome to the React Native Course
    Intro to the React Native Course
    Text: React Native Course FAQ
  • React Native Installation

  • Hello World with React Native Android and iOS

    Text: React Native for React Developers
    HelloWorld in React Native
  • Custom Babel Setup with React Native

    Text: Debugging a React Native App
    Customizing Babel in React Native
  • Adding the Facebook SDK to a React Native App

    Text: Installing the Facebook SDK into a React Native Android and iOS App
  • Routing and Navigation with React Native

    Text: Upgrading from createClass to ES6 Classes with Property Initializers and Arrow functions
    Text: A Guide to React Native Navigator
    First Route with Navigator
  • React Native Loading Screen

    Text: Styling in React Native
    Loading Screen in React Native
  • React Native Splash Screen

    Splash Screen in React Native
  • Adding Redux to a React Native app

    Adding Redux
  • React Native iOS Footer Tabs

    iOS Footer Tabs
  • React Native Android DrawerLayoutAndroid

    DrawerLayout with Android
  • Remote Redux DevTools with React Native

    Text: Adding ReduxDevtools to our React Native app
    Redux Devtools
  • Autentication with React Native and Firebase

    Adding Firebase Auth
  • Persist User

    Text: HTTP Requests in React Native
    Registering a user with Firebase and React Native
  • React Native Navbar

    React Native Navbar
  • Navbar Icons

    Android Hamburger
    Gear Icon
  • SettingsUI

  • Handling Unauth

    Unauthenticating with Firebase and React Native
  • React Native Flash Notification

    Creating a Flash Notification in React Native
  • Save Settings

    Save Settings
  • Timer State

    Adding Local Timer State
  • Connecting Home to Redux

    Connecting to Redux
  • Home UI

    Home UI
  • React Native Progress Bar

    Progress bar in React Native
  • Scores Module

    Scores Module
    Scores Module Pt 2
  • Updating Scores

    Updating Scores
  • Leaderboard UI

    Text: Performant Lists in React Native with ListView
  • React Native App Store Preparation

    Text: Prepping your App for the App Store. Launch Screen and App Icons.
    App Icons, Splash Screen, and App Store Prep
  • App Store

    Submitting our React Native App to the Google Play and App Store - The best courses I've ever seen.

Taras Protchenko
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