React Fundamentals

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The modularity of the React ecosystem is extremely powerful for building applications. However, it makes learning React a nightmare when first starting out. To even get a React app up and running, you need the right combination of React, Webpack, and Babel. In this course we'll start from a blank folder and we'll build an application that encompasses everything you need to get started building production ready applications with React (including Routing and Ajax requests). With an average rating of 9.3/10 from 2,945 reviews, this could be the most popular and highest rated way to learn React. Recently updated and compatible with React 16.3.


Experience with the web platform (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) will help, but if you're coming from a different programming language, it isn't required. If you're a complete beginner, this course may be a struggle but you're welcome to try it out.
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What you'll learn

  • NPM

  • JavaScript
    Pure Functions
  • React (v16.3)

    Imperative vs Declarative
    Unidirectional Dataflow
    Virtual DOM
    ES6 Classes
    prop-types package
    functional setState
    Lifecycle Hooks
    Container vs Presentational Components
    Stateless Functional Components
    Synthetic Events
    Private Stateless Functional Components
  • Webpack 4

  • Hosting

    Building for Production

Who is this course for?

  • Mid to Sr level back-end developers who are new to JavaScript but want to learn about React as quickly as possible.
  • Bootcamp graduates who are confident in the fundamentals of JavaScript and want to become more employable by learning React.
  • Angular developers who want to learn about why React is gaining popularity.
  • Developers who are frustrated with the disjointed approach to learning React and want a linear, coherent path.
  • jQuery or Backbone developers who want to learn a more declarative, component based approach to building UIs.
  • Native mobile developers who want to see what all the hype around React is about.
  • Front end developers wanting to modernize their skill set in order to get a raise or apply for another job.
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Course Outline

  • Intro to the React Ecosystem

    Introduction to the React Ecosystem Video
    Introduction to React Quiz
    (Bonus Text) Imperative vs Declarative Programming
  • Setting up your first React component with NPM, Babel, and Webpack

    Intro to Text Sections
    Webpack 4 for React
    First React Component
    Video: Babel, Webpack, and React
    (Bonus Text) React Elements vs React Components
    Quiz: Npm, Babel, and Webpack
  • Dataflow with Props

    Dataflow with Props in React
    Practicing Props
    Solution - Props
    Creating lists in React with .map and .filter
    Practicing .map and .filter
    Solution - .map and .filter
  • Pure Functions. f(d)=v. Props and Nesting React Components.

    Building UIs with Pure Functions and Function Composition in React
    Introduction to PropTypes
    Video: Validating Components with PropTypes
    Quiz: Pure Functions and Props
  • The "this" keyword + Managing and Updating State

    Video: The "this" Keyword Pt1: Intro and Implicit Binding
    Video: The "this" Keyword Pt2: Explicit binding with .call, .apply, and .bind
    Video: The "this" keyword Pt3: The "new" and "window" binding
    Video: Managing and Updating Component State
    Quiz: The "this" keyword
  • Stateless Functional Components

    Stateless Functional Components in React
    Video: Stateless Functional Components
    Private Components in React
    (Bonus Text) Functional Components vs Stateless Functional Components vs Stateless Components
  • Life Cycle Events + Ajax

    React Life Cycle Events
    Video: Making Ajax Requests in React
    Quiz: Lifecycle Events
  • React Router V4

    Intro to React Router V4
    Video: Adding React Router to our Application
  • Forms and Encapsulation in React

    Video: Forms and Encapsulation in React
  • Dynamic Rendering + Query Params

    Video: Dynamic Rendering + Query Params
  • Axios, Promises, and the Github API

    Video: Axios, Promises, and the Github API
  • Composition vs props.children

    props.children in React
    Video: Composition vs props.children
  • Building a Highly Reusable React Component

    Defaulting props with defaultProps
    Video: Building a Highly Reusable Component
    Quiz: Building a Highly Reusable React Component
  • Building for Production + Hosting

    Video: Building for Production + Hosting
    My Favorite Things
    Next Steps

What devs are saying

I think that perfection doesn't exist, but this course is close to that! If you wan't to learn ReactJS, this is the right way to start!

A lot of courses tend to skip over the foundations leaving you able to play around but not really sure how it actually works. Tyler does an amazing job explaining how all the pieces work from a blank canvas so you can feel confident building your own production-ready apps going forward. He's done an incredible job teaching the fundamentals of ReactJS in a fun, easy-to-follow way!

This is the best React course I have taken so far. Tyler does an incredible job teaching everything about React as a starter. There is ton of information he takes into stages and defuses it into details with clarity. Anyone who is thinking of learning React should first dive into Tyler's ReactJS Fundamentals before considering other resources online.

The best react tutorial on the Internet, by far! Very well structured, 100% accurate and adequately paced. Thank you!

Tyler's course on React was extremely helpful to me as it was very to the point and at the same time in depth. I'll be back for more courses for sure. He has the best explanation of "this", "apply", "call", and "bind" out there.

Outstanding intro to the basics of React. I teach web dev part time, and I know how difficult it can be give students a solid overview of a subject without completely overwhelming them with details. This course strikes that balance perfectly by walking you through a practical React app and pointing out relevant details along the way. Great course!

It's a top to bottom course on React that teaches you everything you need to know to build and deploy a professional React app. Nothing is left out, no little gotchas that are actually huge topics you need to master. This course covers everything from the absolute basics of React to professional, real world patterns. I've deployed two of my own apps so far with the knowledge I've gained here and am working on three+ more as I type this. Tyler's methods and style are second to none. Not only is it apparent that he knows the content fluently, but he's able to get the concepts across to students in a way that's clear, concise, and non-repetitive. Furthermore, you can tell from his coding style that the example projects are how he actually builds things himself in production, not some "student way", which is key if you are learning React with this course to put to use at a job etc right away. Highly recommended and wish I had found this sooner. I am hoping to take some more of the courses offered here.

When I started this course, I knew absolutely nothing about React. Fast-forward a few weekends, and I am now confident that I can build a solid React app! Throughout this course, I've learned the basics of setting up a React environment, as well as how to effectively compose UI components; but most of all, it has really solidified my grasp of general JavaScript. I look forward to continuing down the React path!

This is hands down the best introduction to React on the web. It was 100% worth the money!!

TylerMcGinnis's React Fundamentals course was extremely high quality and you get waaaaay more than what you pay for. The videos go deep into the usage and implementation of React, the React eco-system, and the work-along project sufficiently covers most aspects of the front end web development. I would recommend this course to those just past the JavaScript beginner stage as well as for experienced JavaScript Engineers who want to learn more about React.

Loved the course. Tyler is an awesome teacher. I had been putting off on touching the React Ecosystem for almost a year now. Taking Tyler's course helped me overcome that fear. Trust me, taking this course will probably change your life. Not joking.

I cannot recommend React Fundamentals enough. I played around with so many other tutorials and tried my hand at teaching myself, none of which worked. Tyler does a fantastic job of making it clear what is happening and really breaking things down. It is a great feeling when it all finally clicks. React has made me reconsider the entire way I develop and that is all thanks to this course. Thank you so much!

I thought I knew React pretty well until I did the fundamentals course. It's the best resource I've come across to learn how to use React and use it efficiently and effectively. I've learned some new tricks but more importantly, I've learned to think in React. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to learn React. Tyler does an amazing job at presenting and demonstrating how to solve real problems while building real applications.

With any new framework, there is always the never ending question of "where do I start?". To add insult to injury, you feel even less comfortable with forking your own money (or your work's money) to a learning course when you are unsure if you can truly benefit from it. I have read the entire React documentation, spent countless hours looking for new React resources, and even spent money on React courses elsewhere. Still, I felt as I haven't found the "golden standard", that is until I learned about Tyler McGinnis during one of my 20+ hour research binges and his ultimate goal to not only build and deliver yet another "React course", but a "best in class" product that undoubtedly provides you with the resources any React developer is looking for. I am going to stop on that note, because I know we can always read a nice testimony. If you are hesitant, buy a month membership and find out for yourself! I know it certainly changed how I view React, and helped teach me to truly grasp the framework!

This course was absolutely incredible. I just started doing front end at my job which uses ReactJS and this course came out at the perfect time for me. Almost everything I learned in this course was transferable to the workplace and I was quickly up to speed pushing live React code alongside all the other front end devs. Tyler is an amazing teacher!

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