React Fundamentals

in collaboration with Udacity
  • 85 Lessons
  • 206 Minutes
  • Updated 4 months ago
By learning React's component model, you'll be able to write declarative, composable user interfaces to build production-ready apps.


Experience with the web platform (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) will help, but if you're coming from a different programming language, it isn't required. If you're a complete beginner, this course may be a struggle but you're welcome to try it out.
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What you'll learn

  • JavaScript
    Pure Functions
  • React.js

    Imperative vs Declarative
    Unidirectional Dataflow
    Virtual DOM
    ES6 Classes
    prop-types package
    functional setState
    Lifecycle Hooks
    Stateless Functional Components
    Synthetic Events
  • React Router

    Declarative Routing
    Route Matching
    Query Params

    Who is this course for?

    • Mid to Sr level back-end developers who are new to JavaScript but want to learn about React as quickly as possible.
    • Bootcamp graduates who are confident in the fundamentals of JavaScript and want to become more employable by learning React.
    • Angular developers who want to learn about why React is gaining popularity.
    • Developers who are frustrated with the disjointed approach to learning React and want a linear, coherent path.
    • jQuery or Backbone developers who want to learn a more declarative, component based approach to building UIs.
    • Native mobile developers who want to see what all the hype around React is about.
    • Front end developers wanting to modernize their skillset in order to get a raise or apply for another job.
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    Taras Protchenko
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