Book Review: JavaScript Patterns (4.5/5)

As someone already very familiar with the JavaScript landscape, it’s difficult to find a book that’s at the right level. This book does exactly that. In the first chapter of the book, Stoyan does a fantastic job of covering some fundamental JavaScript principles that are often glanced over. ‘this’, the new keyword, hoisting, and closures to name a few. After covering the fundamentals Stoyan jumps straight into some very interesting design patterns in JavaScript. As someone coming from a non traditional CS background, it was great to see someone take famous design patterns like Singletons, Factories, Proxies, and Decorators and apply them in JavaScript. Though some might complain that this book is a tad outdated, I actually think that adds to its strength. Many times we rely on things like bind and Object.create in ES5 but because ES5 was newly released when this book was created, Stoyan doesn’t assume you’re going to use its features but does assume you’ll want to shim some of its features for older browsers. This sheds an interesting light on how some of these patterns in ES5 were created. For example, Object.create is recreated in like this,

  Object.create = function(obj){
    var F = function(){};
    F.prototype = obj;
    return F;

Also, Function.prototype.bind is doing something similar to this under the hood

if(typeof Function.prototype.bind === 'undefined'){
  Function.prototype.bind = function(thisArg){
    var fn = this;
    var slice = Array.prototype.slice;
    var args =, 1);

    return function(){
      return fn.apply(thisArg, args.concat(;

Overall, JavaScript Patterns by Stoyan Stefanov is a fantastic book for someone with prior JavaScript experience who is looking to dive deeper into different JavaScript patterns and how the language works.

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