Tyler McGinnis
Software Engineer

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I love Javascript, AngularJS, and Ice Cream.

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“Don’t demand things that are unreasonable of yourself; just demand improvement.” 


  •    JavaScript, Angular.js, React
  •    HTML5, CSS3, CSS Preprocessors
  •    jQuery, Node.js, Express.js
  •    Gulp, Git, Browserify, Firebase


 Lead Instructor / Software Engineer / Curriculum Engineer
As the Lead Instructor I am in charge of all three web development classes which, in total, have 60+ students, 15 mentors, and 14 other teachers. I am also in charge of building and maintaining the engineering curriculum that the each student goes through. When I am not teaching or building curriculum, I lead a team of two other engineers in building internal software for the school.


 Software Engineer II 
While at Needle myself and three other engineers were in charge of taking our flagship customer facing product and rewriting it to use more modern technologies and be responsive. I was also in charge of interviewing and selecting other Front-End engineers who would culturally and technically fit on our team.


 Qualtrics Inc.
 Front-End Developer

Under direction of clients including Microsoft, Google, and Coca-Cola, I designed and built heavily customized user portals to interface my clients’ brand with the Qualtrics platform. I also built responsive survey templates that engaged users and drove large amounts of converted traffic onto the Qualtrics platform.


Side Projects

 Mission Blog

I am the owner and developer of Mission Blog, a blogging platform built specifically for LDS missionaries. Mission Blog was built using Angular, Node, Express, and Firebase.


 Cards for Humanity

Cards for Humanity is a fast-paced web application of the popular card game Cards Against Humanity that was built in order to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation. Cards for Humanity was built using MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node, Socket-IO, and SASS.


 Coder Combat

Coder Combat is a real-time, one-on-one web-socket powered programming competition that simulates both the pace and intensity of a technical interview. During a match, players see each others’ progress in real-time, and race to pass a suite of pre-determined tests. Coder Combat was built using MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node, and Socket-IO.



Member of the Firebase Experts Program
2014 UtahJS Conference Speaker: ‘Do you REALLY know JavaScript?’
Organizer: React.js Utah Meetup Group




Feel free to contact me for any freelance projects or job offers.

Email address:
Phone: 435-215-9248
Fax: Just Kidding