Tyler McGinnis
Software Engineer

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I love Javascript, AngularJS, and Ice Cream.



Cards for Humanity

- Cards for Humanity is a polished web version of the popular card game Cards Against Humanity. Cards for Humanity allows you to donate to children in need – all while remaining as despicable and awkward as you naturally are.
- Built using MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node (MEAN), and Socket-IO.

Coder Combat

- Coder Combat is a real-time, one-one-one web-socket powered programming competition that simulates both the pace and intensity of a technical interview. During a match, players see each others’ progress in real-time, and race to pass a suite of pre-determined tests.
- Built using MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node (MEAN), and Socket-IO.

Byu 3 Point Club

- Created to raise money for walk-ons on the BYU Basketball team
- Written using the CodeIgniter framework
- I was responsible for the front-end development and responsive design

BYU Cougars

- Official Source of BYU Athletics
- 500,000 Average Page Views per Month
- Written using the Drupal CMS
- I helped to maintain the site and meet the needs of other departments

Coca-Cola Skin

- One of my main responsibilities at Qualtrics was providing a custom experience for all our customers
- This was one of the many “Skins” or templates I built for our clients, specifically in this case Coca-Cola

The Popcorn Gallery

- Provo startup hoping to change the way people experience on demand content
- As the web developer, I was responsible for the design and development of the website
- *Current version has been removed

Microsoft Landing Page

- Microsoft was experiencing problems with their survey takers exiting before they got into the survey.
- This landing page was our solution to that problem.
- Written with HTML and CSS3 on a fluid layout.

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“Don’t demand things that are unreasonable of yourself; just demand improvement.” 


By designing and building beautiful, functional and intuitive user interfaces, I deliver seamless and memorable experiences in my web applications. I know funnels well enough to intrinsically develop applications to optimize for conversion.


Technical Qualifications

  •    HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  •    Node.js, Angular.js, jQuery, MongoDB
  •    Express, Mongoose, SASS, Underscore.js, D3, Socket.IO

 Software Engineer II (December 2013 – Present)

  •    I do lots of stuff, mostly with Angular.JS

Dev Mountain
 Intructor/Mentor (March 2013 – Present)

  •    I teach and mentor students on all things from HTML and CSS to Angular and Node.

 Cards For Humanity – CFH.IO
 Software Engineer

  •    Working with a team of four other engineers, we created a web app of the card game Cards Against Humanity in order to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation.
  •    We received over 9,000 unique visitors within the first three days of launching and have an average time of site metric of four minutes.

 Qualtrics Inc.
 Front-End Developer (February 2013 – August 2013)

  •    Working directly with clients such as Microsoft, Google, and Coca-Cola, I used my design and developing skills to create a customized experience linking the clients brand with the Qualtrics software.

 BYU Athletics
 Web Developer (October 2012 – April 2013)

  •    With one other person helped maintain, a site that receives an average of 500,000 hits per month.
  •    Also maintained all the other Athletic websites for the University –,, and


 Brigham Young University – Information Systems

  •    Expected Graduation: April 2015 *Pending
  •    Cumulative GPA: 3.8




Feel free to contact me for any freelance projects or job offers.

Email address:
Phone: 435-215-9248
Fax: Just Kidding